Rendiconti Online Società Geologica Italiana Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata 45 2: Cuenca Austral y Cordillera Patagónica. The acoustic basement SF0 is characterized by highly discontinuous, chaotic reflectors with some transparent intervals. SF I can also be recognized in a small depocenter between seismic lines 07 and 08 in the Eastern sub-basin Fig.

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Based on the geology of the area and the outcrops observed in the lake shoreline Figs. All the acquired data have been D-GPS navigated. The acoustic fabric is either chaotic or vaguely layered Fig. Mass-movement event stratigraphy in Lake Zurich;A record of varying seismic and environmental impacts. Geologica Acta 6 1: This facies 22.uwd restricted to the deepest depocenters, with a maximum preserved thickness i 0. Neotectonics at the continental Transform boundary of the South America-Scotia plates:

Some zones shows transparency. Dirección General de Minas y Geología Late Cenozoic glaciations in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego: LY is a lacustrine basin located 10 km north of lago Fagnano, the largest freshwater lake of Tierra del Fuego, which occupies a pull-apart basin developed within the South America-Scotia transform 22.wd Fuenzalida, ; Dalziel, ; Lodolo et al.

Geological Society of America, Special Paper The studied area is set within this morphostructural province.

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The major thickness is located in the Western sub-basin and corresponds mainly to the IU seismic unit. Areal lineament pattern and structure of lago Yehuin basin A regional left-lateral, strike-slip tectonic regime was interpreted through the analysis of fault planes and their associated lineaments in the area of the external Magallanes fold-and-thrust belt Klepeis, ab ; Menichetti et al.


iw 22.iwd

Se han interpretado morenas sumergidas dentro del lago Yehuin que se correlacionan con los arcos morrénicos en tierra y permiten completar el camino recesivo de los lóbulos de hielo Ewan y Fuego. El lago Yehuin, una cuenca elongada de rumbo ONO-ESE localizada en la faja plegada y corrida externa de los Andes Fueguinos, ocupa una depresión compartimentada originada a lo largo de un segmento del sistema de fallas sinistrales del lago Deseado.

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Andean Geology 38 1: This last possibility may be discarded given that deposits of the LU are found in both sub-basins Fig.

Bollettino di Geofisica Teórica ed Applicata 52 1: Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae 73 3: Interpreted as an erosive unconformity.

iw 22.iwd

Thick unit that fills the topographic depressions. Springer Earth System Sciences: Grids were created using a Kriging method with cells spaced at 0. Five seismic facies are included in this unit: During this stage the lake’s waters were emptied towards the Atlantic Ocean, as it is also recorded by fluvial outwash relics in the Ewan and Fuego rivers area 22.iwdd et al. Thin and youngest facies. A view of the central high in the seismic line 10 showing some normal ow affecting the SF 0.

Mass-movement event stratigraphy in Lake Zurich;A record of varying seismic and environmental impacts. Internal structure with layeres and continuous reflectors, sometimes with a periodic alternation between strong and weak reflectors. Geological Society of America, Bulletin Located in the eastern sub-basin, in a shallow zone. In the Late Cretaceous, compression along the Pacific margin of the South American plate led to the closure and inversion of the marginal basin and the develop-ment of the Andean orogen with its associated fold-and-thrust belt Dalziel et al.


The activity of the interpreted transtensional fault system in 22.lwd is temporally constrained between the last pulses of compressional tectonics in the external FFTB and the time preceding the 22.jwd deposition.

The sketch displays the distribution, geometry and internal seismic reflectors pattern of the ten recognized seismic facies within the entire Lago Yehuin basin. 22.iwd seismic source is an electro-dynamic transducer UWAK mounted on a catamaran frame that suspends the plate at a constant depth of 40 cm to avoid potential turbulences on the lake surface during dragging.

Seismic interpretation Three seismic units have been individuated in the seismic record acquired within LY Table 1 ; see Pugin et al. A review of the geology of the Fuegian Andes.

A western sub-basin, 7.

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During this regression, the ice lobe deposited several frontal moraines along the entire river valley Coronato et al. Between March-April15 high-resolution single-channel seismic profiles were acquired with an acquisition system installed on a Zodiac boat, and consisting of a Boomer as a seismic source and a single-channel, 10 m long oil-filled streamer Fig. Española de Golf Fed. Three seismostratigraphic units have been identified in the seismic records: